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Master Keys Commencement — Final Post
I have completed a 26-week personal growth course called the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance. This was the deepest look I've[...]
Week 23 – Defense…less…ness
This week in the Master Key Experience course, we are reading a few new things on index cards including these[...]
Week 22A – Unsung Heroes
My brother Jacob taught me patience, unconditional love, listening with the heart, and the value of family. We grew up together.[...]
Week 22 – Aligning
There is nothing like MOVING to remind me of how much STUFF I have. And my home looks nothing like[...]
Week (20…and) 21 – Stepped in Some Wet Cement
Everyday I have soooo many choices. Even any guilt, anger, resentment is an opportunity to reflect. It's as if those[...]
Tax Savings for Home-Based Business Owners
Did you know... It's our constitutional RIGHT to deduct taxes as home-based business owners?Home-based business owners can deduct more taxes[...]

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I am Sarah Dooley, on the hero's journey of LIFE. Though a professional dancer, social worker and teacher by trade I'm now a work-from-home-in-paradise-mom by choice. I am a big believer in network marketing as a vehicle for infinite personal growth and service. I'm passionate about being the BEST ME that I can be so that I may serve as an example that we really can have our cake and eat it too! Please join me in the journey...and maybe we'll have cake sometime!

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