Interview with Mark J

Perhaps you’ve heard of Mark Janusweski aka World’s Laziest Networker and Best-Selling Author?


Mark J giving out autographs and hugs.

His blog is so helpful and informative to those of us in the home-based business industry, it’s the reason you’re even reading my website. (Subscribe and I’ll keep you posted about when the next Go90Grow opens up).


Let me back up for a moment… I have not only learned how to run a successful network marketing business through the Go90Grow course but I’m learning how tohave a successful LIFE through their other course the Master Key Master Mind Alliance!

You can imagine that it was an honor for me when he asked if he could INTERVIEW me!….ME?!?!!! Ok, let’s do it! I knew I only had one choice…to be in the moment with him and The Fabulous Davene. They’ve made a positive impact on many, many lives and I’m forever grateful that I can do my part to contribute to the impact they are making in the world. I’m certain they’ll be interviewed by Oprah someday!


Book Signing at Go90Grow LIVE