Week 8 – For Her

It’s funny. When I think about reaching for the stars, I think of my 6 year old daughter. I can only imagine how my sits/meditations and reading aloud and vision boards and shapes and hours upon hours of masterminding, webinars and videos have impacted her life. I don’t recall ANYONE EVER doing anything REMOTELY close […]

Week 7 — Mastermind

It wasn’t until this week that I more completely recognized the power of the mastermind …. First, I’ll give you the quick backstory. Remember in high school when we got assigned groups projects? Well, I was usually that person who was going to take responsibility for overseeing it’s completion. And if I got to call […]

Week 4 – What If?

I am a slave to good habits! So, I thought during a recent SIT… WHAT IF?… All of my habits. Every single one of my habits were good habits? How might my life look differently? For starters, I would always eat a low carb, low sugar diet. I would choose the last meal of my […]

Week 2 – Lost

I already love the master key experience. I haven’t had much more than a wink of sleep, on the red eye flight, and yet I’m dedicated to the process and the promise that the master key holds. (And feeling grateful for smart phones) And so perhaps feeling LOST is par for the course. I went from […]