Master Keys Commencement — Final Post

I have completed a 26-week personal growth course called the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance. This was the deepest look I’ve ever taken into my choices, my thoughts and how that has shaped everything that is my LIFE. Like riding a bike, once you understand the power of your thoughts and how it shapes EVERYTHI NG, you cannot unlearn it.

I did it! Completed the Master Keys course!

At times, the amount of work was A LOT but every bit of it had a purpose. The course is designed to help us create the life of our dreams by getting clear on what that is and then building the tools and habits to make them a reality. I realize that using the MASTER KEY is a lifelong conscious choice. I am clear when I am being lazy or feeling lost and listening to the “old blueprint,” as we called it, and being guided by my COMPASS, my dharma, my higher purpose.

I am so very grateful that this course and I have met and I enthusiastically invite anyone to check it out. There are some videos HERE and if you feel called to it, I commend you and salute you for your journey and look forward to reading about it in your upcoming blogs. “-)Please leave a comment by scrolling to the bottom of this page and…

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Ian Hannaford

It was indeed an experience – but now we are on a new journey for life. Mark J. and the Team are awesome.

John Gatto

Congrats with your Journey …keep in touch


Yeah. Me too, I did it. Congratulation to continuing on the journey. Cute picture. JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog

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