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Week 13 – Successes

Mark says people tend to lay off some of the exercises when they start to see results. Somehow he always KNOWS! That is exactly what was happening to me. I listened and took note. PERSISTING & back on with en-THU-siasm! We learn to create and build our own SUCCESS-CONSCIOUSNESS! I’d like to share some things […]

Week 11 – Giving Up

I’m giving up the mental battle…at least I’m wanting to, trying to push through. The battle of feeling pressured, pushed and resisting being told what to do (like a kid) and at the same time wanting to be a good student. I’m giving it up because this is my life. And I am CHOOSING to […]

Week 10 – Persist

One of the exercises we do for the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance course is to read the famous Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World as proscribed by one of the characters in the book. For the course, we are assigned to read a scroll 3 times a day and once out loud. […]

Week 9 — LIVE

LIVE—My website is UP and with FOLLOW BUTTONS! Now I can fully appreciate what it means to leave comments and receive comments and have subscribers and subscribe. And by the way…Thank you so very much if you decide to leave a comment and/or subscribe. I didn’t realize what a great accomplishment having a little web […]

Week 8 – For Her

It’s funny. When I think about reaching for the stars, I think of my 6 year old daughter. I can only imagine how my sits/meditations and reading aloud and vision boards and shapes and hours upon hours of masterminding, webinars and videos have impacted her life. I don’t recall ANYONE EVER doing anything REMOTELY close […]

Week 7 — Mastermind

It wasn’t until this week that I more completely recognized the power of the mastermind …. First, I’ll give you the quick backstory. Remember in high school when we got assigned groups projects? Well, I was usually that person who was going to take responsibility for overseeing it’s completion. And if I got to call […]