Week 17 — Pure LOVE

One of the many things that I love and appreciate about the Master Key System by Charles Haanel is that it applies to all of us. Any one of us can achieve all our hearts’ desire. No one is excluded.  We don’t have to fear acceptance or lack of love. We ARE love just because we ARE. And we can TRUST ourselves that we can create what we want by properly executing the master key system of creating a demand on our subconscious mind of what we want. We CAN BE what we WILL to be!

We all have access to this “dynamo” that is our mind, that is our power, that is our birthright. We are of the infinite univerasl intelligence, of God, if you will. I love that ‘we were made by first-class, and we are first-class.’ I do not have anything or anyone to fear. We are all together “whole, perfect, powerful, loving, strong, harmonious and happy” and healthy. We are perfect and I truly believe this and….I LOVE EACH OF YOU! Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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John Gatto

Nice post a short , sweet and lots of Content …Happy Valentine’s Day

Gloria Supplee

Very inspiring and powerful message. Thank you Sharah Love you too Gloria


Sarah, your week 17 blog was very uplifting, full of encouragement, and a great reminder of who I am . I am an amazing person who is growing and developing into the person that God has designed for me to be. Each day has new challenges but definitely an exciting adventure.

    Sarah Dooley

    You got it Eulaine! Thank you very much! You are nature’s greatest miracle!


I’m enthralled with continuing to understand and grasp the POWER that is ours. This is a beautiful post – early Happy Valentine’s Day to you.


Isn’t it amazing how everything we are learning can be summed up in just a few sentences. No wonder there are so many throughout history who seem to say bits and pieces of this wonderful information. It’s time we let everyone know it’s real!

    Sarah Dooley

    Amen! I’m with you RobbDunn! Thanks for the affirmation! We need that mastermind!

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