Week 17A – Chaos

Eagle nebula.

The word CHAOS comes to mind. I look around my unkempt house at the piles of dishes, the clothes waiting patiently to be put away, and the many and varied kid projects in seemingly every room of the house. Chaos also comes to mind as I reflect on how I’ve been running my life the last few weeks. My house is always a reflection of my inner world.

  1. complete disorder and confusion….

    • Physics
      behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.
    • the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe.

      Andromeda Galaxy.

    It almost feels like facets of my life are floating in the air, suspended like star dust all about me. The great and glorious silver lining is that I KNOW, because of my study of the Master Keys ,that there is order to all of it, even this experience. I know that this chaos is EXACTLY what is happening. I know that I am facing this uncertainty and chaos as a CHOICE, as a call-t0-action of my higher self. I can choose to apply universal law, to tap into almighty power or not.  I know that the universe is in perfect order. I know that I too am in perfect order. I know that I can either tap into this awesome power of the universal mind/God or sit idly.

    The STAR dust can float around as unmet potential, unfulfilled dreams, uncertainty or “quiet desperation” …




    I can to do the exercises designed to guide me create the order and harmony I seek and are designed to harness the omnipresent power we are all entitled to. I can continue to make choices from my DHARMA, by the definite major purpose I have defined and continue to refine for my life. I can also choose to be led by my inner guidance, not what I THINK I should be doing with my time because of what I’ve internalized from the world around me. I can create the order by harnessing my own potential power through the exercises in the Master Keys and TAP IN, accept, receive the gifts and let it all flow. Might I choose to be one tiny insignificant star particle, fading out and away with the passage of time OR create a life of significant beauty and purpose and impact on the greater good? I choose B.

    Antennae Galaxies

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Troy Dugstad

Great post Sarah! We can see the chaos and choose to let it stay that way or we can learn to rearrange it into what we want it to be. Rob’s comment is really great too!

Jennifer Alice

I love that you think the laundry is patient!!!!

Brenda Buck

I can totally relate to this one! I choose B too!! With all this working going on, My home is in such a state of disarray! And today I had to work all day and missed the webby… :(*** I did that once before and I was lost until the replay. LOL. Ugghh. Other than that, though, mentally, all things are lining up well, and my DMP is coming to life.. carrying on here!

    Sarah Dooley

    Beautiful! Wonderful! You’re doing the work and you’re attracting all that you desire! Hooray Brenda! Thanks for the comment.

John Gatto

Chaos is to me a chipping away at the Cement (or in my case Titanium ) so keep chipping to find the real you inside

Rob Dunn

Chaos is SO….chaotic! Not a good place to stay. Ha!

My personal definition of chaos is when things that can be ordered are disordered. Starting to bring even a tiny portion of our lives/thoughts into some order is to let go of the chaos as the controlling entity and bringing back that control to ourselves.

Love the final question – and your answer!

    Sarah Dooley

    Rob–you said it so well. I’m happy to report that things are being ordered as I type.n Thanks for leaving a comment.

Kay Beam

Thanks for helping me making sense of my own chaos -sometimes by observing the chaos – it pushes us to be better.

    Sarah Dooley

    Thank you for putting it that way Kay! Thanks for sharing your thought. “-)

Gloria Supplee

Thank you Sarah… I choose BBBBBBB…….. 🙂

Sarah Dooley

Ahmen… We’re right where we’re supposed to be when we’re there… BUT, we still need to CHOOSE to take Action & step through the door (or sometimes, window)


Marcos Espinosa

Chaos, it seems you can run from it in one aspect or another of your life but like you I choose B.

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