Week 18 -In Gratitude

I’m at a loss for words.

My word of the 2016 year was ALLOW.

In the beginning of 2017, I’m starting to experience the actualization of that word.

In fact, I was on a mastermind call this morning and my mastermind partner actually said “ALLOW, ALLOW, ALLOW!” She didn’t know that was the word right over my desk. She was speaking, in fact, to a mutual experience we’re having. We both feel like our lives are flowing because of the demand we’ve placed on the subconscious for what we want. It so happens that both of us have also re-written and clarified our DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE in a way that is more declarative of our authentic purpose and gifts.

I’ve both jumped for joy and knelt down this week in the most humblest of gratitude for the gifts of my life.

Thank you.
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Jennifer Kestrel McTiugh

Love thinking about how you expressed the demand we’re putting on our subconscious !
Serious flow of giving and receiving from the universe

John Gatto

Wonderful ALLOW,ALLOW<,ALLOW what ever you want in your Life

Gloria Supplee

So great Sarah I can feel your excitment and growth. Keep on allowing, Keep on keeping on……..:)

Ian Hannaford

Nice one mi Amiga!

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