Week (20…and) 21 – Stepped in Some Wet Cement

‘Oops! Maybe I should’ve put this sign out a little earlier.’

Everyday I have soooo many choices. Even any guilt, anger, resentment is an opportunity to reflect. It’s as if those feelings are a gentle beacon, a reminder of our higher selves, saying HELLO, DROP IT. DROP THE CEMENT. Break free from this old, useless blueprint. Those feelings also teach us about our own humanity. The cement is a metaphor. It represents all the emotional baggage, the social conditioning, and/or whatever we allow to hold us back from doing what it takes to reach our fullest desires and potential.

So…I stepped in a little bit of it. Missed week 20 post! The IRONY is that in reading Og Mandino’s Scroll 5, every day I’m  repeating that I CAN’T HAVE YESTERDAY BACK. IT’S OVER! And….I CAN’T EVEN GUARANTEE TOMORROW! Over and done. The only moment is now.

Last night, I finished one of our Master Keys assignments which was to watch the movie I AM. Once you know something, you cannot unlearn it. Have you ever read a book that changed your life forever? For me it was first Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman in high school. And later it was Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

I must say that everyday since our master keys webinar last week and this movie, I’m seeing all the miracles. I look around and think “It’s ALIVE!” Every bit of every single thing that meets our eye. And what’s more….that we- that I AM–  energetically responsible for the collective consciousness and therefore result of what is happening in the ENTIRE world!

I said to myself, I KNEW IT!!! Right here, right now! I must take responsibility and be the very best me I can be. Because as I do that, I am in the greatest potential service to myself which means to my daughter, which radiates to my family, my community and the entire world.

What else about this I find thrilling is that I still get to be completely, authentically me. As I develop and listen to my “compass,” my heart, my highest self that will reflect in all that I desire.

Seriously…watch that movie and tell me what you think?

PS. I connected with an old acquaintance recently. I’m inspired by her hero’s journey. Stacey found her passion and is pursuing her art! Check out her great story and works of art on Facebook here

A great artist, hero, champion. Check out Excuse Me Waiter by Stacey Welchley


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John Gatto

Yep cement can be a drag ..glad you broke through

Brittany Martinez

Sarah this is sending awe and excitement for you and your discovery to rush through my mind! How beautiful to have come to such a sound realization. I love your enthusiasm!! Congratulations. 🙂

Cyndria Coaty

I find it very freeing in forgetting about yesterday’s failures and live today as if it were my last. Thank you for your post.

IanL. Hannaford

That happened to me many years ago – cold winters day suited and booted and did not hear the warning a plop there I was up to my neck in wet cement!

Not been a good week and struggling to write an overdue blog…

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