Week 22 – Aligning

There is nothing like MOVING to remind me of how much STUFF I have. And my home looks nothing like this image but it certainly FEELS like it!! I did a deep-clean out “spark joy” exactly 12 months ago when we moved from our previous home of 5 years to this one when the home went up for sale. I regularly donate BAGS of items to the thrifts stores on island and I very rarely SHOP. I LOVE getting rid of things. My mother-in-law who worked at a thrift store until recently, kept items flowing into our household, mostly for her granddaughter. And as rarely as I do think I shop, I acquire like anyone else.

I read a disturbing article recently about how much time we spend shopping during a lifetime. All of this reflection and my subconscious SCREAMING to minimize my life is but yet another reflection of the master keys.

What is my purpose? What do I want? What do I want to feel like when I step into my new home? How can I organize my mind and papers and projects so that there isn’t constantly something to PICK UP. Is it even possible as a work from home, homeschooling mom of a 6 year old?

It must be. I’ve gotta find a way. I live by the “compass” of my dharma and purpose not by precedent. I am not locked into old habits. I can create exactly what I desire. I have the master key. Perhaps I need a mentor like this woman who speaks to creating your ideal around what is important and resonates with you, as a unique individual.

All I need to do is SIT. Take the master key challenge of being completely SILENT for a period of time and reflect. The answers will reveal themselves to me.

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Brenda Buck

Haha! To Simplify is the game! Before we moved into this tiny 800′ ft condo a year ago, my son and I had moved 14 times in 4 short years. UUUGGGHHHH…. Now, my home is the storage unit. LOL. I have all my stuff, one of my daughters’ stuff, and my landlords’ stuff. In the last couple of months though, I have become really good at packing, and giving stuff away.

    Sarah Dooley

    I am feeling so much better right now, thank you. As of today we are having to move out of our rental to another rental. We’ve been in escrow 3 months and the banks didn’t fund our loan…eek! So still working on getting the house to buy but moving in between. We just got rid of our couch so we wouldn’t have to move it…LOL! 14 Times is a TON!! Wow I’m again inspired by you.


We move in Oct 2016 to a smaller house. We got rid of stuff but our garage is full of stuff that is not vehicles. We are working on it little by little decluttering. Great post. I love the picture of the big trees on your blog.
JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog


we just moved too and we like to give away on a regular basis. similar to your experience, I couldn’t believe how many boxes we had. I agree, some of them had a few pillows, some books… but really do we need so much in our lives. The funny part of this move was that we put into storage about half our belongings in storage (the real estate agent asked us to ‘unclutter’ our 850 feet square house to show a larger home). During the last 7 months of our life, we lived with half what we owned and only 2 or 3 times we looked for something that was in storage. It shows! Haha!

Ian Hannaford

Ha I hate moving, due difficulties I have moved 10 times last 10 years! Had found a nice place 2015 with sea views and garden and pool but due our mad world the owner a Russian decided that her folks would be safer on Mallorca than Moscow when NATO starts WW3 so I lost out!

My alignment this week has been misaligned. Struggling to follow the thread but remain committed to my cards and the Affirmations therein.

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