Week 22A – Unsung Heroes

Cyndi Lauper adored Jacob.

My brother Jacob taught me patience, unconditional love, listening with the heart, and the value of family. We grew up together. I knew him his entire life. 34 years. The same age as my husband.

Mom and Jacob. My unsung heroes. I love you.

Mom showed me the true definition of TIGER MOM. From Jacob’s first breath to his last, she was there for him through THICK and thin. She fought and advocated for him. She gave of herself to overseeing his life. He became her everything. Her completely selfless love for him is perhaps the greatest act of love I have ever and may ever witness. Once I threw her a Mother’s Day party. It’s hard to put into words what she has done for him and therefore our entire family.

I liked to call him Bartholemew Cubbins because he collected people’s hats and wore them simultaneously.

Jacob endured more physically than anyone I’ve ever known. So many miracles he showed us. And always a kind-spirit. A real hero. He couldn’t speak but you knew he was with you and what he was feeling. I’m sure he wanted to be able to tell us.

Our last hug in person. Making my love known.


He is still with us though in another realm. May he rest in peace. I love you Jacob and thanks forever mom….and dad…and everyone who has advocated and make a contribution to his beautiful life.

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John Gatto

What a wonderful story about Jacob and the love you have for him and your Mom and Dad ..Great Post

Brenda Buck

What a great, touching post! 🙂 I am loving the hat picture, too! Ha! How very cool…

    Sarah Dooley

    Thanks Brenda. His obituary says we believe at one time he had up to 11 on his head at once. “-)

Ian Hannaford

So sorry to read of your deep loss Sarah. An inspiring read nevertheless.

Gloria Supplee

Thank you for sharing your lovely story of family bonds, of a love that gives and enriches all those around. I’m so sorry for you loss, yet the love continues to spread and touch souls. My soul is moved with true love. Sincerely, Gloria


Yes a beautiful inspiring life. Love the hat picture. God Bless.
JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog


What a beautiful tribute! Your mom
was a steadfast life support for Jakie from day one. What strength and love she displayed towards him. Not sure if any of us could have dedicated themselves so completely the way she did to Jacob. He will always be remembered as a kind soul. Love and miss you!

    Sarah Dooley

    Thanks for sharing that sentiment with me about my mom. And thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and leave a comment. Love you too!


Wow that was beautiful. Made me cry. Love you.

Aunt Mary Anne

Absolutely beautiful tribute to Jacob and your mom. ! Jacob was a beautiful soul who brought out the best in everyone that loved him! My arms surround you and yours in love and great sympathy for your dear loss! Jacob is dancing and singing in the heavens with his grandmother now, without any pain or handicap to overcome!

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