Press Release 2018

Mark J & Davene Interview Sarah Dooley December 2018. Part II

The last time we had the fortune to sit with Sarah Dooley, was on our lanai less than two years ago. For those of you who haven’t seen that interview, you can find it on YouTube. Actually, that interview has received some of the most views of anything we’ve published there. Basically, we met Sarah at one of our live events over here on Kauai. She was what we called a RISING STAR because we knew that she was going places. We thought people would appreciate seeing someone in the early stages of huge network marketing success. And here we are, just as we thought we would be, eh? Funny how that works out. (chuckles)



Network Marketing SUCCESS!

Sarah, in that video, you shared what you thought were some of the things that were instrumental in your success in your home-based business as well as in other areas of your life. Would you mind first sharing with our viewers what successes you’re celebrating today? What have you accomplished and achieved in the last couple of years?

Well Mark and Davene, first off. Thank you for having me here again and for being who you are. Your patience and persistence and committed heart to helping others in their heroes journey is the reason I’m here. I know you’ll pass the credit off to me for answering the call, but I want to thank you….truly! It is my privilege and honor to know you. I am so elated. My heart jumps for joy that you have dedicated your lives to helping us be self-directed thinkers. Since you first shared your vision with us. I have started to picture your interview with Oprah, you know! (chuckle)

Well, huh, thank you Sarah we’re truly humbled. Thank you. The admiration is mutual and we’re thrilled to walk along side and be witness to you on your journey.

To answer your question, I’ll start with a little bit of background. I have been with our network marketing company since July 2013 and it’s my first experience in the industry. I absolutely love it. It allowed me to stay home with my daughter and that was my number 1 priority. I didn’t know anything about network marketing and my husband and I enrolled right away. It looked like a pretty good deal and fortunately, we’re both fairly adventurous in that way. About 6 months in, I decided to become actively involved rather than look at going back to work. We had some success in the beginning and that plateaued. After two years of blindly ‘going through the numbers’ I started to question my ability. I asked many people, many questions about how to improve. The answer came when a team member told me about a meeting she had with you. Apparently, we both lived on Kauai…who knew? I was shocked that here you were the entire time and of course I was thrilled! My life changed forever that day.


Anyway, long story short. Go90Grow and learning the skills of network marketing were what I call a revolution for my business. I threw myself into the course and my confidence grew because I KNEW finally that I KNEW what to do to help others. It took me about 6 months to get momentum. I knew once I had it down, I always would! My faith in what you taught was absolute before I even began the course. I KNEW this was the answer I sought. I can’t really explain it but one thing I recognized about myself that I came to see as my biggest asset was that from the moment I started listening to worldlaziestnetworker, I have had 100% faith in everything you’ve taught. Unwavering!


Moving into our dream home!

Sarah, please tell us what has happened in the last two years since you took Go90Grow and the Master Key Master Mind Alliance?

I have grown a team of over 20,000 people, I have reached the elite ranks of the company as have 3 of my team members. I won a $25,000 check and a couple of the incentive trips. One in Kauai, less than a year after I took Go90Grow. We are closing on our first home together too. What I’m saying is that after 2 years of not much happening in my business, within 12 months of Go90Grow and the MasterKeyMasterMindAlliance, my team more than quadrupled in volume and all of the goals I had been reaching for so many years prior, HAPPENED!! I mean, they literally DID! And I have to say, the ONLY thing that I did differently, that changed the course of my business and of many peoples…numerous lives, including my own of course…is that I did Go90Grow and the MasterKeyMasterMindAlliance. As you say I DID THE WORK and I went and USED THE SKILLS.

Mark…Davene…what a gift this is. You’ve harnessed the heroe’s journey…made it tangible…run us over the coals and put us to the test…to define our life’s work. And the crazy thing is that in the Master Keys, we all volunteered to DO IT!! May I share a bit of advice for the audience?


Of course Sarah, I’m sure they would love to hear what you have to say.

(Looking straight into the camera). You  can create the life you want. This is the real deal. Do not question it. Just DO IT. Do exactly what they say in the courses. Follow the instructions. Have FAITH. Keep going. You can have anything…anything…anything you desire. Anyone can. It’s work and not everyone is going to love themselves enough to do it. But YOU DO. That’s why you’re watching this. YOU DO. You have a inkling that things could be better. Do not hesitate. GO FOR IT! Close your eyes. Look into your heart. Ask yourself, if I died today am I proud of what they will say about my life? If you want MORE….go for it! You will need a GUIDE. Here we are. This course is the answer to your prayers. Go FOR IT! We love you! We believe in YOU!

(LOL) She knows my heart! Thank you Sarah. Get on over to World’s Laziest Networker, opt in for free skills and check out what members are saying about the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. Thank you Sarah. We loved having you on today. Before we depart, I’d like to ask you a few more questions.Like we did before. Just answer with the first answers that come to mind.

What’s your favorite word?


What’s your least favorite word?


If you could be any animal, what would you choose?

a bird so I could fly and they have high metabolism (lol) but I’m quite fond of whales

What other occupation would you choose?

hmmm….socialite?…is that an occupation? I’d love to work out and hang out at spas and homeschool and host dinner parties….and I’d love to farm…socialite/farmer…how does that sound? can I invent that? (lol)

Favorite sound?

the sound of my daughter laughing

Least favorite sound?

Babies crying…like really sobbing for their mommies…i can get very emotional when i see a baby crying hard. I want to scoop it up.

If you were at the pearly gates and there is a God, what would you want he/she to say to you?

Welcome. I love you.